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Monday, December 17, 2007

Organizing Books

When I did a search for books on 'organizing' on, 175,742 results came up. Yikes! That's a lot of books discussing decluttering, huh?!

Books are a passion of mine -- I'm an avid reader -- and I do have organizing books that I use as professional reference and resources. But I consider books on how to get organized similar to dieting and other self-help books -- they may help or inspire, but are they sufficient to make the changes necessary?

If you were trying to stop smoking, you would probably not buy a book on the topic but instead get medical help, use the patch, chew the gum, attend a support group, or a combination of all of them. Same thing with organizing -- you might get a book to give you tips or ideas, but it probably will not address all your specific concerns.

If I need a room painted or carpentry done, I generally call an expert to do it. That way, it gets done and it gets done right. I don't buy a book on the topic (unless I am really interested in the subject matter) as my sole solution. Hiring a professional has a ton of benefits and the money spent is worth the completion/accomplishment of the task(s). It makes it happen.

So getting an organizing book in the near future? Just know there's a ton of them, and words on a page may not have the magical effect you're looking for.