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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Changing Seasons

With our recent touch of warmer weather, I have been busy making the 'switch' between winter and spring/summer. The boots, snowpants, and hats have been taken out and replaced with flip-flops, sunglasses and outside toys. Of course, in New England, you never know when you might need the parka days after you needed sunscreen, so it is best to still keep things accessible and easily found again.

I have a few big Rubbermaid-type tubs that are labeled "Seasonal", and they either contain the wintery items or the summery items. That saves me from having tons of bins with each of the 4 seasons on them. Basically, once I empty the bin out, I put back in the other season's stuff -- clothes, gear, whatever -- and it returns to the storage area. FYI, these are things that can safely be stored in an outside shed -- no delicate sweaters -- but all the heavy-duty items that you might only use a few times during that season.
Seasonal outerwear (i.e. hats, boots) that could fit the kids next year goes into the bin, but items I know won't fit next season are separated out for donation/resale. All adult clothing gets a second look to determine if we really want it for the future and then goes through the same process. This ensures that when we open the bin, we are not having to sort/purge but are ready to go.
Bring summer on!