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Friday, April 25, 2008

Home Office Filing

Keeping your documents, bills, and children school papers can be a daunting task. Home office designers recommend that you invest in filing cabinets to stay organized. This will help you save time when looking for important documents. There are many types, styles and designs of filing cabinets in the market place making your decision difficult. The following is a list of things to consider when purchasing your filing cabinets.

Portability: If you are limited in office space you can store your filing cabinets in a closet and roll them out to your desk when you need them. Portable cabinets are available in different sizes and colors.
Fire Proofing: If you store important documents, invest in fireproof filing cabinets. You will have the assurance that your documents are safe in event of a house fire.
Color matching décor: Cabinets come in many different shapes and colors. Be sure to select what matches you home décor style.
Style: There are two different basic styles of filing cabinets. There are vertical cabinets that stand taller than their counterparts. These filing cabinets require less floor space and can have up to five drawers. The lateral filing cabinets are wider and designed to fit under your work space or under tables. These also work well if you have limited space.

Once you have decided on the type of cabinets you want next test then for functionality. Make sure that the drawers pull in and out smoothly for easy access to your paperwork. An anti-tip mechanism is a must when choosing vertical filing cabinets. Vertical filling cabinet are top heavy and have a tendency of tipping over when the top drawer is pulled out. Some cabinet makers install anti-tip devices. This can be a simple mechanism that does not allow drawers to be opened more than one at a time.

Safety: If securing your documents is an issue, there are cabinets that can be locked although more security is probably recommended such as safety deposit box for the most valuable documents.
Size: Determine how much floor space your have in your home office for your filing cabinets. This will determine the style of the cabinet you purchase.
Quality: The rule of "you get what you pay for" holds true as far as filing cabinets go. Low quality cabinets fall apart easily and have moving parts that stick. Invest in high quality cabinets. A quality filing cabinet has a reliable suspension system that holds the drawers in place and safety devices in place.

There are many sources for filing cabinets. Furniture stores, catalogues, auctions and the internet. Filing cabinet costs range from $20 to $600. Shopping on the internet has an advantage as it allows you to be exposed to a broad selection allowing you to find filing cabinets that match your furniture and décor. The drawback of internet shopping for cabinets is the expense associated with the shipping costs, as cabinets tend to be heavy and bulky. Look for companies that offer reduced shipping rates.

With the variety of filing cabinets in the marketplace you are sure to find a filing cabinet that suits your needs and individual style.

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