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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Guidelines to Accessories

When I do staging and redesign work for clients, one area that comes up both for decluttering and interior design is accessories. Whether you are redecorating, reviewing a room, or getting ready to sell your house, it might be helpful to check this great tip list I saw from an associate.

A few key guidelines:

  • Less is better than more…a few well chosen pieces can do wonders.
  • Use large scale art and accessories instead of lots of small items.
  • Classic accessories stand the test of time. Themed rooms can seem silly and outdated quickly.
  • Collections should be grouped together, not spread throughout a room.
  • Layering can be very effective.
  • Varying heights brings beauty and excitement to a space
  • Hang art work at eye level for the average person (the average person is about 5’7”)
  • When hanging artwork above an anchoring piece of furniture, the artwork should be hung 6-10” above it.
  • Create balance through symmetrical displays or “visual weight” groupings

(from Active Rain member, Lea-Ann Virnig San Antonio, TX)