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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"Spring cleaning: Start with systems"

Even if the weather doesn't seem like springtime, I wanted to share with you a different type of spring cleaning list. Often during this time of year, you'll find tips on spring cleaning in magazines and in the newspapers, and certainly all over cyberspace.

I came across what I think is a different list of items to tackle, and wanted to share. You might print it out to use as a guideline or checklist for places that haven't been tackled in a while. Obviously you are not going to do all at once and some of the items may not even be applicable in your household. The list includes 25 specific things to clean in systems of a house (excerpted from Real Simple online):

1. Have your furnace professionally inspected. If you have a central air and heating unit, be sure that the inspector also checks your drains, lines, and reservoirs.

2. Change your furnace filters.

3. Replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and test them once the new batteries are in place.

4. Change filter in range hood.

5. Check dates and charge on fire extinguishers and replace if necessary.

6. Have a professional sweep your fireplace chimney, inspect your flue, and test vents.

7. Flush your water heater tank by carefully following these instructions.

8. Vacuum out your dryer's vent hose and scrub the lint filter with soapy water and a bristle brush.

9. Clean out the lint trap on your washing machine if applicable.

10. Clean leaves and debris out of gutters and downspouts.

11. Remove, clean, and store storm windows and replace with screens.

12. While storm windows and screens are off the windows, wash their exteriors and interiors. You may want to hire a professional window washer for this task if you live in a multiple-level home.

13. Wash window blinds and curtains per manufacturer's instructions.

14. Have lawn mower serviced and prepared for summer use.

15. Replace battery on garage door opener and check belts/chain on drive opening mechanisms.

16. Schedule and run a test with your home security system provider.

17. Send area rugs and hall runners out to be cleaned, and have wall-to-wall carpets professionally cleaned throughout your home.

18. Inspect wood floors for damage, scratches, and wear patterns. Have floors waxed or refinished if necessary.

19. Check walls for paint touch up, cleaning, or repairing needs. Fix accordingly.

20. Dust light fixtures and ceiling fans, and replace light bulbs and blades as necessary throughout your home. Don't forget to check exterior lights, too.

21. Clean dishwasher drain if do not have a self-cleaning model.

22. Take interior and exterior trash cans and litter boxes to a self-service car wash and power wash these items.

23. Review paper filing system.

24. Polish door handles throughout your home and oil any squeaky hinges.

25. Remove air vents and clean off dust and debris.