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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Storing Dolls

I've come across this question with clients before so wanted to share (as shown in Organize magazine online). I would add, however, it might be more valuable to allow someone to play with the dolls now either by donating, reselling, eBaying, or somehow giving to another family member, but that's just my take:

PROBLEM? I want to preserve my daughter’s American Girl dolls and accessories for my grandchildren. Is there a better option than plastic bins in the attic? If not, should the dolls be wrapped in something inside the bins?

SOLVED! To keep your treasured collection safe for future generations, do not store the dolls in the attic or in an airtight plastic bin. Fluctuating temperatures and any moisture trapped in the bin can lead to mold and/or disintegration. (If plastic bins are truly your preferred choice, at least poke air holes in them.) For the ideal storage solution, make sure that the dolls and accessories are free of dust and dirt. Then, wrap each doll and item individually in white tissue paper and place them in sturdy cardboard boxes. You can add silica packets, which are typically available at home stores, or recycle the ones that come with a new pair of shoes. Silica absorbs moisture, but be careful when it’s used around children or pets; these packets are harmful if swallowed. Put the boxes in a closet or under your bed to keep the contents in a controlled climate and out of direct light. Place a cedar hanger above the boxes to keep pests away. Years from now, your granddaughters will have hours of fun with their new, old dolls.