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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Using Up Gift Cards

Here's a tip for organizing any gift cards you may have lying around or buried in your purse. A gift card is really money, so if you waste a gift card, you're wasting money. Would you let $5 or $10 float around your house unused?

Here are your options for any gift cards you have:

  1. use it, and soon

  2. give it to someone who would like it

  3. sell it on eBay (you can do this as long as it is one card at a time, per listing)

  4. keep it hanging around, unused (BAD idea)

Let's assume we'll all the efficient option, #1. Gather up all the gift cards you have (double check your wallet, files, junk drawer, etc.). Sort through them to see if you like the store or place the gift card is for, being realistic.

If you decide to keep the card to use it, make a plan to when/how you're going to use it. It is a specific plan; for ex., make a note on your calendar to go to that store a certain day. See if there is an upcoming event or day that it would make the most sense to be at the gift card's location, and plan on that. Making it a tangible event will more likely encourage you to redeem the card.