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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bag Storage (yes, an exciting topic!)

If you are a keeper of plastic shopping bags, then you have a remarkably wide range of choices for storing them. Personally, I suggest that if you do collect them, you have to store them in an organized way instead of shoving them inside a drawer or cabinet willy-nilly.

Here are some options you have:
  • using 1 bag to fit all the rest in (no cost; harder to keep contained)

  • using empty Kleenex box to store bags in (no cost; not the most attractive option)

  • fabric bag (inexpensive [there are patterns available to make it yourself], has loop that you can use to hang it from hook or knob; can coordinate with decor/pattern)
  • hard-sided container (mounts on wall, door or cabinet inside; more expensive)

I especially like the wastebaskets that are sized especially for using the shopping bag as trash bag [see below]. Great way to recycle/reuse!