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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yes, Christmas in July

I know it sounds odd, why would we be thinking of Christmas now. But for anyone wanting to be uber-organized, it is a good time to consider either items you want to get as gifts or setting up an area to store them. Here are some suggestions for getting a start on the holiday:

  • rip out pages from catalogs or write down gift ideas as you come across them starting now, and put them in a designated place or file -- just having the physical piece of paper or list assures you will remember it better come wintertime
  • get a large Rubbermaid bin or storage container to hold purchases that would do well as stocking stuffers or gifts (it helps to put a sticky note or somehow identify the gift recipient when you put it in the bin) -- I keep mine in our basement workroom, out of sight from little boys and girls (if you can, label the bin)
  • from now until December, when you see things on sale (obviously not perishables) buy them -- you'll appreciate how spending is spreadout over the 6 mos. as opposed to the mad dash of expenses closer to Christmas
  • a lot of card and housewares catalogs have deep discounts on Christmas items from the year past or for a holiday preview [i.e. check out]