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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Love Rearranging?

I do. I think it is fun to rearrange a furniture layout and mix things up in a new way. It allows you to look at the elements of a room differently, and, during the process of change, you may also purge, clean, and reevaluate items.

One of my organizer/redesigner pet peeves is when clients place items and furniture around the perimeter of a room with lots of floor space in the center. I joke that, unless they are having aerobics or dance classes in the room, that much empty space and air is unnecessary. Imagine walking into a dance and people are standing against all 4 walls. No one is dancing. Is it an inviting space to come in and dance? Same idea about a living room, for example. You want it to be inviting, cozy and suggest clearly where you want people to congregate or go.

HGTV's "Do's and Don't's: Arranging the Family Room" suggests:

  • Don't arrange furniture too far away from a focal point, particularly a video screen or fireplace. Nor should you put all the furniture against a wall or on one side of a room.
  • Do cluster furniture around a focal point. For a good conversation area, make sure the furniture is arranged so people won't be more than 10 feet apart. At the same time, don't put furniture pieces so close together that traffic is blocked in the room or at entrances and exits.

  • Place furniture so people can see the television easily, but avoid putting furniture directly in front of the television; instead consider using an ottoman, which kids can move close to the television for great viewing
Give rearranging a try -- nothing is set in stone, so you can move things around without commitment. Just see how something works in another spot or if you can shift things around to make a better design statement, allow for better traffic flow, or to accommodate changing needs of the room. It's fun!