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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Low-Cost Organizing Ideas

Real Simple's June issue published 99 low-cost organizing ideas, and I went through and transcribed ones that piqued my interest here:

  • Rather than splurge on a pricey spice rack, label the tops of spice jars and place them in a drawer to easily find what you're looking for.

  • Add a hierarchy system to e-mail folders by using an * in front of each label for most used folders and a Z for those used least.

  • Stuff plastic grocery bags inside an empty tissue box for compact storage and easy retrieval.

  • Mark the contents of plastic food-storage containers with a dry-erase pen. The "labels" will come off when you wash the items.

  • Instead of filling a pretty sham with a pillow stuffer, stow linen sets or pajamas inside.

  • Waterproof Recycling Bags make it a cinch to divvy up recyclables. The handles let them be carted to the curb easily. see pic

  • Install a wire cooling rack on the garage wall, attach hooks to it, and hang tools.