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Friday, August 22, 2008

The Joy of Grocery Shopping: An Organized Experience?

Going to the grocery store is not the most fun excursion for most of us. I think that is why grocery delivery services have become so popular these days (if you're in my geographic area, it's Peapod). Here's why online grocery shopping can be linked with organization -- you have a better chance of having a methodical, planned out food shop if you do it online.

If you plan your meals for the week or month, you can sit in front of the computer with your calendar, list or coupons, and order at your own pace. If I'm physically at the store (even with list in hand), I can get distracted by children (mine), specials, food I didn't plan on getting, time, etc.

My online store even saves past orders and lists to make further shops easier. You can shop specials or by price or brand, and if you want to change your order up to the night prior to your chosen delivery date, so be it. With the cost of delivery less when orders are more than $100, it behooves you to order a lot when you do order. This works out perfectly for me because I order for the month (I plan out dinner meals). But if you know you have an event, dinner or some planned need for groceries, ordering online for delivery is also helpful. You can think through what you need in advance, then ensure it all arrives in time.

Are there drawbacks to this form of grocery shopping? A few, but if it means I only have to go into Stop & Shop on the rare occasion, it is worth it. :)