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Monday, October 13, 2008

The Orange & Black Are Up!

I just put out our Halloween decorations today, despite the fact my kids wanted it all out on October 1st. Frankly I just cannot candle that much orange and black for that long, so I told them I'd do it on the Columbus Day holiday.

Our Halloween inventory has grown to 2 Rubbermaid tubs, which I cannot believe. Part of the reason is that I have 4 of the light-up, plug-in 'fake' jack o'lanterns which are bulky and take up space. But the containers also include Halloween kitchen towels, outdoor decor, seasonal candles, figures, wall hangings and signs, the kids trick or treating bags, and Halloween make-up. Occasionally if I find a costume on sale in a bigger size, I put it in the bins for one of my kids to wear the following holiday. Granted, Halloween decor will never reach the heights and number of containers as Christmas, but it still surprises me how big of a holiday it has become.

And it's only 1 night! Geez!