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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Santa's Work is Almost Done

Believe it or not, I'm halfway done Christmas shopping for my kids (sssh, don't tell them I'm Santa). In the past couple of months, whenever I have seen items that I know they'd like or I overhear them talking about a lot, I buy them online. It helps that during this time of year, I get inundated with toy catalogs. When items arrive, I put them in my holding area (our work area in the basement -- kind of a "Santa's workshop" I guess you'd say) and file the receipts/paperwork as it comes. I have file named 'Xmas gifts' for that purpose, and it allows me also to see how many more gifts and for whom I need.

No, I won't be wrapping until December hits, but at least I'll avoid the stores, the mall, and any stress.