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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas To-Do Tips

Here is a list of Christmas organizing tips that I share each year. Maybe it will be helpful to you!


  • use a 3-ring binder to create a Holiday Planner
  • record addresses under "Greeting Card List"
  • track gifts under "Gift List (don’t forget teachers, mail person, etc.)
  • include your favorite holiday dishes under "Recipes"
  • prepare for dinners and banquets under "Meal Calendar"
  • record social events under "Holiday Parties" (with date and time)
  • record plans for your own holiday gatherings under "Guest Lists"

Involve Guests:

  • when planning your party, ask your guests to bring something
  • don’t forgot to keep a menu planner of who is bringing what
  • give the kids duties such as collecting the coats or passing out appetizers


  • to reduce the stress on your grocery wallet, shop in large batches
  • buy non-perishable foods over a 2 to 3 week period
  • shop online from the comfort of your home
  • buy presents for out-of-town friends and relatives first; wrap and ship them early to avoid paying high shipping charges
  • pay attention to items people mention they want
  • cross off each gift as you give it or know they have received it
  • use this as your shopping list as the holiday season begins


  • pull out what you still have from last year; take inventory to see if you need more of anything
  • keep all of your gift-giving supplies in one place
  • set up gift center nearest the point where you normally wrap gifts
  • set up a long under-bed box for rolled wrapping paper
  • set up smaller tubs for tags, bows, ribbon, etc.
  • be sure to include scissors, tape, and a pen
  • also store the gifts you plan to give in the same place
  • set up one storage tub for "kid gifts" and another for "adult gifts"
  • make sure to include a flat surface for wrapping

Organize recipes:

  • get copies of recipes from friends or family
  • cut out recipes from magazines or newspapers
  • make photocopies of recipes from cookbooks
  • include dividers for each section (veggies, bread, desserts, etc.)
  • put each recipe into a sheet protector page in the right section
  • store either with your cookbooks or holiday decorations


  • take photos from several angles and points within your house including shots of table setting, mantelpiece, and other focal points
  • take a full shot of the exterior
  • cull out anything you no longer want and set aside to donate
  • make notes on the back of each picture about items used
  • store pics with your holiday decorations or include labels to remember how you had things laid out