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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Coupon Scavenger Hunt

Do you cut and save coupons? If so, there may be times that you feel like you've collected a large mass of them, wondering if you'll ever use most. It's helpful to go through them on a regular basis and check for expiration dates, but still, you may wonder if the thick pile of coupons is worth carrying around.

One thing you can do is designate one shopping trip to use most or all the coupons you have. Split the pile of coupons, give half to your husband or kids, and have them go on a hunt for those coupons' items. Try to avoid purchasing anything that you don't have a coupon for. The last time I did this I saved $28 at the register. Plus, I got rid of a big chunk of savings all at once, instead of periodically applying coupons to my purchases.