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Sunday, March 22, 2009

No More Children's Thrift Items Due to Safety Law

Recent legislation has caused several resale/thrift shops to change their inventory. "Congress passed the new law, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, last year and it went into effect Feb. 10. It applies to toy manufacturers, stores and resale shops, which could face criminal or civil penalties if they sell a toy that exceeds standards for lead or phthalate content. Some thrift stores across the country have started pulling all items off their shelves that could potentially have lead or phthalates rather than test each item, which could be expensive. As a result, some stores have few children's items."* And it is not just clothing -- things like books have been included, too. One local resale store that consigns children's clothing and toys, baby gear, et al, is actually closing next month because of this law.

I used to encourage clients to either donate children's items or bring them to a consignment store. Since many outlets will no longer accept children's items because of this law, it is necessary to find out whether the charity, store or recipient is willing to before you drop the items off. "Customers are therefore advised to consider their own safety and the safety of their children in purchasing items at this store and are further advised that all purchased are made at their own risk to the maximum extent allowed by applicable law."*

This law seems to come at a bad time, when a bad economy has forced many to do bargain shopping and depend on thrift/resale stores!

*Suburban Journals online