Organizing, Redesign & Staging

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Decorating with Organization in Mind

Less is more (impactful), most of the time as it relates to decorating.

Keeping decor to a minimum is connected to organizing. Consider visual clutter that is created by lots of fussy, small items or knick-knacks. Think about how, when you have too much on a wall, that your eyes notices nothing in particular. More of an impact is made when items are set, sparsely, with a solid background. Less tchotchkes means less dusting. This principle works for horizontal spaces as well -- your desk, tabletops, floors. Think: quality vs. quantity, and a few big or important items instead of multiples of pieces.

The more streamlined your decor is, the less cluttered and more "model home"-esque your house will look, and the easier it will be to keep organized.